Things To Do Before Making Plywood Purchase
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Things To Do Before Making Plywood Purchase

Building a house, or any property, in that case, is an extensive process which requires a lot of time, energy, and attention to detailing, structural planning and perfect execution. Now, amongst all of these things, one thing which can make or break your expectations of the final outcome is the quality of the products being used.

A compromise with the quality might save you some money but can cost you a hefty cheque in the long run. More often than not, people do not choose to compromise with the quality when building a house. They have always dreamt of getting the renovation done of their office. They choose the best products but still end up getting poor results.

One possible reason for it can be getting conned, which is very normal these days as a lot of copied products of almost everything are available in the market, and it is nearly impossible to distinguish between the original and fake product with the naked eye.

When it comes to plywood, getting duplicate plywood, poor in quality under the name of a big brand, is nothing new. All we can do is take the best measures possible to avoid getting conned and get the original plywood.

Some of the things to consider before making a plywood purchase include –

  • Look for the plywood according to the area where it will be used. For instance, plywood that should be used in dry areas or the areas with less contact with water is different from the ones that need to be used for furniture in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • One should generally buy from trusted dealers or wholesalers who provide complete details of their products and also give a warranty for the same.
  • Look for the ISI certification can also be one the things you can check as good quality plywood is generally ISI certified.
  • Not everybody has the knowledge of the plywood or of the furniture material. If you are one of those, then in that case, when going to look for the furniture material to purchase, take along someone who can check the plywood from outside, i.e., the appearance. If the laminate will easily attach to the wood or not, if the surface is smooth or rough, if the plywood has face veneer or not, if all the corners are perfect and the thickness all along the plywood is even etc. are some of the parameters which can help you to decide if the quality of the wood is good or not. There are many more things to look for which can really prove to be beneficial for you in deciding the material to be used for your furniture.
  • And one of the most obvious things to consider is the brand.

Checking for the brand of the wood you are using is important. Over the years, CenturyPly has gained the trust of the customers by providing high-quality original products. Century Ply is one of the leading manufacturers of Plywood in India.

They believe in giving the best to their customers and understand the loss of money, time and energy customers face on being deceived with the fake plywood.  To combat this problem, CenturyPly has come up with the CenturyPromise App, which helps the user to distinguish between the original and fake Century Ply products as all the products of the company come with a unique QR code, which can be scanned using the CenturyPromise app.

On scanning the QR code using the application, the user gets all the product details and gets to know if the product is an original Century Ply product or not.

The Bottom Line

Checking the authenticity of the plywood before purchasing it is non-negotiable as this is going to be a long-term investment, and so confident in the quality of the products you are using in building your home or office is a must.


Ishita Garg