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Must Have Fiverr Clone Script Features | Freelance Marketplace for Success

Creating a micro jobs site like Fiverr in 48 hours with 60+ features and various revenue options is possible in just 48 hours. The question is whether or not it is possible. Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking. With the Fiverr clone script, you can accomplish this in a matter of minutes.

Additional features include pre-built codes and designs and a robust administrative interface. Running a website smoothly will benefit from these features. For the sake of this discussion, let’s take a look at the five most anticipated features of a Fiverr-like script.

Responsive web 3.0 designs

Using a mobile device to access a website has changed the way people do so. The iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices are now commonly used by the general public. For this reason, a Fiverr clone must be tailored to these devices. Wouldn’t it be great if your website automatically adapted to all of these different screen sizes?

Yes, responsive design does exactly that for you. They make adjustments to your website’s layout to make it more mobile-friendly.

Request a gig

A smart technique that will make your website a favorite among your users and bring you substantial profits should be used to reimagine the old Fiverr mechanism. It’s a simple request for work from freelancers. A simple form is needed for employers to request gigs from other members of the site.

Once they do so, the website will automatically match the request with the available freelancers and notify them of the match. Only a small number of scripts include this feature. Add a new mechanism to your micro jobs website by using these scripts.

High performance features

As a result, if your website takes longer to load than your competitors’, you risk losing business to them. Your website’s reputation will take a hit as a result of this, as well as your revenue. The best Fiverr clone scripts combine 8 high-end technologies such as Redis, Memcached, and Amazon S3, full-page caching, Google Page Speed, and email delivery SMTP.

Splendid launch modes

Use the pre-launch and private beta modes of the Fiverr clone script to get your micro jobs website noticed before it launches. Just put these on your website, promote them online, and invite people to come to your site. You’ll be able to collect email addresses on the website. These emails can be used to welcome visitors to the website during the private beta and the official launch.

Smart payment mechanism

Assuming you can successfully integrate multiple national and international payment methods into a single website, it will allow customers to pay in their preferred currency and method. As a result, visitors will have a positive experience on the site, and you may be able to gain an advantage over your rivals. If you do not include this feature, the currency conversion fees will be incurred.

Final Words

It’s not uncommon for a Fiverr clone script to include all of the aforementioned features. It might take longer to improve your website if these features are not included in the script. Hire a top-notch clone app development company and get started hassle-free!


Patricia Smith