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How to Drain a Rheem Hot Water Cylinder?

Rheem hot water cylinders price are available in a variety of sizes and efficiency levels. From 30 litres to 120 litres, the product produced units for commercial and residential use.

They are also available in a conditional tank with stainless steel. This American based technology is famous for producing high-quality products that, if maintained, will last for years. If you do not want unexpected damage and unnecessary repair costs, here’s how to make your hot water cylinders last longer.

The heater should be drained regularly, and for the drainage, one should follow the following points:

• Close the unit and unplug the cables for extra safety.

• Turn on the tap near the heater and let the water run until you get cold water.

• When the hot water is completely drained, turn off the cold water on the heater. Keep the tap open.

• There is an exhaust valve at the bottom of your heater. Could you find it and attach a garden hose to it?

• Open the relief valve at the top of the heater.

• Allow the water to drain completely and close the discharge valve and relief valve.

• Start the cold water supply and wait until the unit is full.

• Turn on all hot water taps and drain cold water on each one to make sure there is no air left inside.

• Now connect the phone and turn off the heater.

• Regular maintenance is needed for the heater:

• If you are looking for a reliable, trouble-free service, get your heater checked periodically by qualified professionals like us. We will thoroughly inspect the operating unit, temperature factor, and cables to ensure they are in good condition. This improves temporary retention, in which case there will be less deterioration.

• Water heaters make some noise but if you ever see a loud noise, call the maintenance immediately. Your Rheem hot water cylinder probably needs to be cleaned.

Do switch off and remove the plug from the power socket of the heater when it is not in use, especially when you are out for vacations. Otherwise, the power fluctuation will damage the Rheem hot water cylinder.


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