How Do You Drain a Rheem Hot Water Cylinder

How Do You Drain a Rheem Hot Water Cylinder

The best possible maintenance job to extend the life of your hot water cylinder is to drain the unit. Draining the hot water tank can help remove all the residue buildup and it also helps the water heater to run efficiently and saves you money.

If you have purchased Rinnai hot water cylinder and have no idea how or forgot how to drain the hot water, then do not worry, you can handle it quickly and get back to shower in no time.

Many homeowners are likely to drain the water themselves and you don’t need to hire a professional for it. Here are some small steps to help you drain Rinnai hot water cylinder efficiently and nicely.

1) Disconnect the main energy unit:

Start by disconnecting the electric supply and turning off the gas connected to the water heater. You will find a circuit breaker inside the electrical panel of your house. There is also a gas shut-off valve on a heater at the lower front.

2) Stop the water flow:

Rotate the cold-water supply and shut off the handle clockwise to stop the water flow.

3) Drain the water tank:

Now the time has come to drain the water tank by turning off the water heater tank valve. It’s usually on the lower electrical panel door or the right side of the gas valve.

4) Allow cold water to flow:

After that turn on the cold-water supply and let the water flow through the water heater tank until the water starts running clear.

5) Filling the tank with water:

The next step for Rinnai hot water cylinder is to close the drain valve and allow the tank to fill with water. As the water starts to flow steadily and freely then open the faucet, and turn it off the faucet immediately.

6) Turn the heater back on:

Once the water heater is full, next turn on the electricity and gas supply and relight the pilot light. It will be best if you do this by reading the manual’s guide.


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