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Choosing the right commercial electrical contractors made easier!

As a business owner, your responsibility is enormous. You are not only responsible toward your customers but also for your staffs as well. It is utmost your call to ensure a completely safe and secure workplace for the employees. It is absolutely crucial to have an electric system at the workplace that functions smooth and safe.

To cut a long story short, in order to shoulder your responsibility of a business owner properly you have to resort to a technically sound and reputed commercial electrician in the neighbourhood. For businesses irrespective of shape, size and the industry they deal in, keeping a skilled commercial electrician on the radar is even more crucial than that of any time in the past.

This is because in this ongoing digital age businesses have to rely more on various electronic appliances and gadgets to ensure smooth functioning. The string of modern appliances along with lighting and security systems is likely to exert a significant load on your existing system. In addition to that routine commercial electrical maintenance is more than crucial in any business premise.

Considering all these factors it is obvious that you need to rely on a skilled and experienced commercial electrician to run your business smoothly. Moreover, business premises usually undergo renovations more frequently compared to residential properties. In the process of renovation you may have to upgrade the entire lighting system.

Thus when you have a right electrician on your radar to help you with lighting and wiring installations, you can concentrate more on core business operations than focusing on unnecessary overheads. This is how your business runs smoothly. But the question is how to get the right electrician? In the following section we will explore few tried and tested tips on that matter. The tips will certainly make your task easier.

Understanding the differences between residential and commercial electricians – before going any further into our matter it is important understanding the difference between a residential and a commercial electrician. Although many electrical services companies cater to both residential and commercial clients but there are striking differences between the two categories of electricians. As a business owner you need the ones who provide commercial service and not domestic one.

Commercial electricians –in simple words, commercial electricians provide installation, verification and servicing of different electrical systems installed in commercial buildings or properties. These experts know the existing safety standards specific to an industry just like the back of their palms.

Moreover, they have to stick to the local electrical code. As we all know these local codes keep changing frequently and thus commercial electricians have to keep themselves constantly updated with the revised versions. The responsibilities of a commercial electrician can be summed up as following –

  • Wiring generators, breaker panels and transformers
  • Installation of electronic security systems and other equipment
  • Verifying and repairing cooling and heating units installed in the electrical system
  • Replacing and upgrading electrical panels
  • Installing lighting
  • Installation as well as renovation of existing equipment

AS a matter of fact, a residential electrician can be just as skilled and efficient as his commercial counterpart and can possess expertise in areas like construction, servicing, maintenance and restoration of insulations. In addition to that a domestic or residential electrician can also verify, upgrade and service domestic electrical systems with ease.

Even if your residential electrician delivers a phenomenal job to keep you satisfied to the optimum level, a commercial electrician is always a much better fit for your business. If the electrical services company that caters to your domestic requirements also provides commercial services, then you can consider roping them in to perform electrical jobs in your business premise.

Tips to choose the right commercial electrician

There are hundreds of electrical services working across London and the nearby regions. Thus selecting the right contractor often becomes confusing. Here are a few tried and tested tips to make the task of selection easier for you.

Always choose a licensed commercial electrician – whenever you are hiring an electrician – whether commercial or domestic – always hire a licensed professional. The electrician must possess the necessary license and insurance coverage for the type of work you are hiring for.

What happens when you are not working with a licensed electrician?

  • You are the one who is liable if he suffers any injury or accident in course of the job.
  • You will have to cover all the damages from your own pockets in case something goes wrong.
  • There is no coverage for you if your electrician vanishes without completing his work.

Choose experienced electricians – commercial electrical systems are usually more complex compared to domestic ones. This is where the experience of an electrician proves helpful. Just by sheer experience the professional can identify the actual problem faster and can also provide the right solutions within your budget to get the business up and running safely once again.

Select electricians who keep themselves well-informed – choose an electrician who is familiar with your industry. They will know the safety requirements and the latest safety codes better than others. As a matter of fact, electrical experts who keep themselves well-informed about various matters related to their industry are indeed a priceless asset.

Seek recommendations from friends and peers – ask your friends, peers and business acquaintances to forward recommendations. This is a time tested way to land on reliable commercial electrician. As a note of advice, there are times when negative experiences speak just as loud as positive ones. It is better to consider those as well. Even if you are not forwarded recommendations, then you will know the zones where you should not take your business to.

Reviews are a reliable place to start your search. Opinions of customers are utmost important in any industry and it is more so in the service oriented sector of professional electricians. As a business owner it is obvious that you know how crucial it is teaming up with right partners. Electrical works are no exception and we sincerely hope the tips given above help you select the right commercial electrical contractors with greater ease.

Take your time, weigh the options in hand, do careful analysis before taking the final decision.


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